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Dr. Ezzat Daher

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Dr. Ezzat Daher aims to create a high standard of dental care at his Clinic in the most gentle and efficient conditions.

Our office is a relaxing and inviting experience for all patients.

Our comprehensive dental care services are provided conveniently by our strategically located office.

We work with the most recent technologies in cosmetic dental care and innovate independently. We have been serving the communities worldwide for over 15 years.

We aim to make the best level of care available.

Dr. Daher and his staff happily welcome you and aim to treat your smile in the most personal and professional way you deserve.

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There are numerous reasons why an emergency dentist is needed. Your teeth may suddenly worsen with disease, decay, or traumatic damage.


We are here to help you recover quickly from a tooth accident.

Dr. Daher is an emergency dentist in the Holy land - of Nazareth whose dedication to providing immediate care has helped numerous patients.


Our staff can assist you if you experience sudden pain or deteriorating condition. We provide critical steps and procedures that help you control and manage initial tooth pain.

Dr. Ezzat Daher
Dr. Ezzat Daher

Our decades of experience in providing emergency dental care ensures you can trust our words in preventing a problem from worsening.

Dr. Daher specializes in several treatments that address dental emergencies.


These include dental implants, fillings, root canals, extractions, and cleanings. If you lost some tooth enamel due to a physical accident, fillings or crowns can be used to replace them.


If an entire tooth has been lost, dental implants can restore them and the root.

If you are experiencing a problem that requires the highest quality emergency care, call us immediately, and we will address your needs.

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